Important Patriotic Movement in Support of US Manufacturing

Important Patriotic Movement in Support of US Manufacturing

Opportunity Essence

  • Exciting, high growth professional services company, recently discussed on Fox Business News.
  • Activities directly address one of the more important and high profile social issues of our time, the demise of American manufacturing.
  • High growth, low capital intensive, high margin, low EBITDA volatility, lucrative professional services business model.
  • Company enjoys an important first mover advantage, and growing national brand recognition.
  • Relatively low cost brand-building as most politicians and media pundits nationally, across party lines, enthusiastically, without request, endorse the company’s solution, for free.
  • The patriotic social movement driving the company’s business is passionately supported by many of the influential voices in American media, across political ideology.
  • New business client list in high growth mode nationally.

Investment Opportunity

  • Raising a total of $5 million from accredited high net worth investors who will participate in an “angel investor syndicate” which will own shares in the company, amounting to 30% of the issued and outstanding non-voting stock.
  • $25,000 minimum investment per individual.
  • The syndicate will be liquidated within 5 years (3 year target), and profits (if any) will be distributed at that time. No individual redemptions prior to syndicate liquidation; i.e. a 5 year max lock-up.
  • Targeting an attractive seed stage venture capital industry return on 3 year money. Exit to another VC round, strategic Taking sale, or IPO.

Indications of Interest

  • A potential, accredited investor with a serious interest in evaluating this opportunity in detail should register their interest, and potential investment amount, with the Company’s financial adviser.
  • After the company has received initial indications of interest amounting to $5 million, the company will qualify investors, make legal decisions on the offering, and send investors detailed, prescribed information about the company and investment under applicable state and federal securities laws.

Sanvisoft Vinay
27 September, 2020
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