If anyone needs to see FIRSTHAND the demise of some very good American Businesses here it is! Over just the last year, our offices have contacted a little over 4,100 US businesses offering information about obtaining a MADE in USA CERTIFICATION and today we did a follow up email to these 4,100 companies. Unfortunately 1,074 of these addresses to which we actually had MADE initial contact were now UNDELIVERABLE and OUT OF BUSINESS. That’s 26.6% of these good US companies and the jobs they supported GONE in just the last year!

US Business Owners: GET YOUR COMPANY CERTIFIED at TODAY so that we can offer you the credibility and exposure you need to drive business to your company or support, and enhance the business you have.

Request a Free Quote TODAY at and let us start that process, and then be one of your biggest Cheerleaders NATIONALLY…

And to the many NEW-PATRIOTS in our midst: Become a MADE in USA CERTIFIED Affiliate by going to out NEW-PATRIOT Affiliate program and joining us. There’s no cost or obligation, just a desire to help companies learn about the importance of BEING CERTIFIED and getting consumers to BUY AMERICAN. Become a NEW-PATRIOT and someone who is DOING something about saving our economy.

Ours is a CRUSADE to SAVE US BUSINESSES. Right now we are doing that one business at a time, but we need your help. If ever there was a time to unite people toward a common cause, it’s RIGHT NOW!I look forward to hearing from all of you!

Sanvisoft Vinay
27 September, 2020
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