"In a competitive environment, Made in USA Certified® is another opportunity for differentiation, it's also one of our most popular marketing initiatives and is one of the key reasons the Earthwise Group had sales growth of 37% over the last 2 years".
 Mark Davis, 2013 Executive Director of the Earthwise Group.

Some of our Clients/Partners

  • Jones Natural Chews Co.

    All Jones natural meat treats and chews for dogs are created using only USA meat products and never any artificial
  • EZ Shelf

    EZ SHELF from Tube Technology closet shelving and garage shelving is great for closets, laundry rooms, pantries, garages, playrooms, basements
  • Link Masters

    We have designed a system that is easy and intuitive to use, combined with materials and a design that are
  • TENGO®

    TENGO® is an innovative nutritional drink supplement brand targeted at pet owners who are increasingly expressing concern relating to their
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