Example: Natalie’s Orchid Island Juice Company

Natalie’s Orchid Island Juice Company was founded in 1989 in Vero Beach, FL in a small building across from the packinghouse. Marygrace Sexton the founder (also affectionately called the OJ Queen) and her brother, John Martinelli were the only full time employees at that time. MaryGrace was intent on creating a product that used the world’s best fruit from Florida to produce the best fresh-squeezed juice.

Her husband, Bobby Sexton, was a fifth-generation citrus man and grandson of citrus pioneer and legendary developer Waldo Sexton. Bobby, graduated from the University of Florida and was busy running the family’s packinghouse. Marygrace was determined to take this idea to fruition. Bobby knew the citrus industry inside and out and Marygrace was a perfectionist with an intense business background.

From marketing her fresh-squeezed juice to the Miami fruit market in the middle of the night to borrowing a refrigerated truck to deliver the first order of fruit juice Thanksgiving week in 1990, Marygrace was unwavering her plan to put her fresh-squeezed juice on everyone’s table.

Quickly Natalie’s Orchid Island Juice had grown from a small local operation to having distribution in small and large grocers all around the Nation. Natalie’s found itself competing against big name corporate juice giants that claimed to be “Made in USA” and had huge marketing budgets that Natalie’s just couldn’t compete with.

Natalie’s wanted to set themselves apart and compete with the ‘big boys’ in the juice industry. They needed an edge, a marketing differentiator. So, in walked Made in USA Certified with the “Solution” to help them supercharge their marketing, increase their sales and help them open doors to big contracts.

In 2009 marketing genius John Martinelli saw the vision and understood the power and engaged with Made in USA Certified to achieve the Product of USA Certified seal. Natalie’s was granted certification and quickly began using the seal on their site and on the product packaging labels, product tops, business cards and marketing materials.

The response they received from consumers was amazing. Retailers loved it and Natalie’s over the last 5 years has substantially increased sales and market share and now you can too!

The certification process Natalie’s went through was simple and below is an example of how our certification process works.

Potential client contacts Made in USA Certified, Inc. (USA-C) to request a quote for the price of certification.

Made in USA Certified, Inc. (USA-C) sends customized quote to customer. Customer pays online.

Made in USA Certified, Inc. (USA-C™) sends to customer initial documents to digitally sign & return.

Made in USA Certified, Inc. (USA-C™) sends Vendor/Supply Chain Forms to client to fill out supplier names of every component/ingredient, and cost value % of component to entire product, and contact information for all suppliers.

Products to be certified are assigned a Unique ID#. Determination is made and appropriate (USA-C™) seal or seals are provided to client or a denial letter is issued.

Congratulatory Letter, Official Certificate of Compliance, Graphics of Seals w/ Unique ID# and Style Guide are sent out to client.

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